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TraceMap approaches fake news from a completely different angle. Instead of looking at content, we expose diffusion patterns of social media posts. To make news distribution transparent, we are developing an interactive webtool that will allow everyone to explore how posts spread within a social network.

How it will work

1 - Choose a post

Have you spotted a suspicious post today? Or do you simply want to find out how a post spreads within a social network? Then, copy the URL of that post, paste it into the search bar and hit the search button.

The tools start page shows an input field for the post link and a submit button
The result is now shown as a graph with nodes which are users and edges which are connections like friendship or followships.

2 - Gather its traces

The TraceMap starts to unfold from the user who first shared the post. TraceMap's open-source algorithms display up-to-date information, showing how that post spread through the social network's public profiles.

3 - Explore the map

TraceMaps are easy to interpret: each node represents a user and their sizes indicate how influential they are. Click on a node to find out more about it. Connections between users reveal how information flows. Trace all possible paths!

Now you can hover on top of the nodes to see the users social media account and additional information.
The result is now shown as a graph with nodes which are users and edges which are connections like friendship or followships.

4 - Share your findings

What did you discover? Share the TraceMap and your findings with your friends and followers. Get their feedback and start a crowd-debunking process. Together we can bring fact checking to the next level.

About us

Our vision is a world in which we battle misinformation and fake news together. We want people to join forces and coordinate efforts in online fact checking. And we achieve this by providing a platform on which everyone can share their bits of knowledge to solve these fact-checking puzzles. Linking cutting-edge graph database and machine learning technologies we seek to advance the state of the art of fact checking.

A picture of bruno.

Bruno Pace

Systems engineer interested in all kinds of networks, ended up researching biological and social systems. Fascinated by the philosophy and maths behind natural and artificial information processing, Bruno works on the structure and analysis of TraceMap's data.

A picture of eike.

Eike Mücksch

Eike is developing the webtool and the website. Besides he studies computer science in Leipzig, loves cycling, tech and (web-) policies.

A picture of allegra.

Allegra Pochtler

Allegra is responsible for the business development, for herding the cats and shaking up the team.

A picture of philipp

Philipp Beyerlin

Philipp is a strategic thinker with a hands-on mentality. He is responsible for TraceMaps funding and communications.


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Studio Bosco

Sponsors & Awards

Link to the website of our sponsor bundeszentrale für politische bildung.
Link to the website of the disrupt-populism event


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