The Idea

What We Do

We are working on an open-access webtool which displays interactive graphs depicting the propagation of posts on social media. Our aim is to help people visualize how information (e.g. newspaper articles, posts...) flows between social media users over time by following the paths of different pieces of information.

The Problem

Social media have become very central in contemporary journalism. Still, users have very little guidance to assess the trustworthiness of the content they are exposed to and very often end up sharing or liking a post without thinking about it more carefully. Therefore, these platforms facilitate the spread of fake news and fabricated posts - sometimes intentionally crafted to manipulate public opinion.

Our Purpose

Every post leaves a trace. We want to visualize it, to allow people to better understand mechanisms of information propagation in a social network. TraceMap will help users access intransparent (yet available) diffusion patterns in the digital world in a user-friendly way. We believe this should be part of a standard routine for information consumption and could lead, over time, to a better assessment of information sources and paths. It is not only about illustrating how posts spread around the networks we use but also to highlight our role as traffic controllers.

Who We Are

We are a transdisciplinary group of people that created a think tank for social entrepreneurship and digital activism. We have the motivation to use our diverse skill-set to provoke political discussions and provide solutions that stimulate critical thinking and conscious behaviour in society.

Bruno, a member of our team

Bruno Pace

Bruno studied engineering and physics in Sao Paulo and did his Phd in complex networks.

Allegra, a member of our team

Allegra Pochtler

Allegra studied economics, philosophy and global develop-
ment in Vienna and Copenhagen.

Eike, a member of our team

Eike Mücksch

Eike studies computer-science in Leipzig, is developing websites and coding for several years.

The Tool

TraceMap is an interactive map that will enable anyone to see where a post first enters the social network, the paths it takes while spreading and which of the users involved are more influential. Any post can be chosen as an input by the user to generate a tracemap, whose elements link to actual profiles by simple clicking. This will enable the users of our tool to see where exactly that information has been.
For a more detailed description, visit our Wiki.

Help us!

If you have any further questions about our project or would like to support us don't hesitate to contact us!

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